Topic Number2.3.1(b)Effective Date

May 1, 2018

ProcedureParticipation in the State Approved Agency Veterans Education and Training Program & Coordination of Services
  1. To clarify roles, responsibilities, and expectations for participation in the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) Veterans Education and Training Programs.
  2. To establish written protocols and business processes that document compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure appropriate, relevant, and consistently applied coordination of services. 
Accountability IndicatorsCompliance with regulatory requirements under the Veterans Education and Training Program administered by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services, as observed, documented, and recorded through periodic DVS audits and program reviews.
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  • Advance Payment – monetary allowance payable to students for the first (fractional or full) and second full month of enrollment.  Must be requested by the student and is mailed to schools before the beginning of classes for release to students who have completed registration.   Schools must provide the advance payment check to the student.  Any arrangement by a school that denies the student the opportunity to control the proceeds of a check is prohibited.  The federal Code of Regulations (CFR), Title 38, Section 5301(a) stipulates that payment of benefits due under the laws administered by the Veterans Administration shall not be assigned except as specifically authorized by law. There are no laws that authorize assignment of VA educational checks, either directly or indirectly.
  • Award Letter – the official written notice from the Department of Veterans Affairs to a student of his/her monthly rate of payment, the inclusive dates of payment, and remaining entitlement at the end of the award period.   An award letter is sent to a VA student whenever VA awards or changes the student's benefit.   The award letter is a good source of information for financial aid purposes
  • Certificate of Eligibility - Form 22-1993a issued to an applicant showing approval to pursue a stated program of education at a particular institution, the remaining entitlement of the student, and the ending date of the student's eligibility.
  • Certification of Delivery (COD) – Form 22-1999v mailed to the school in a separate envelope from the advance payment check.    When the advance payment check is given to the student by the school, the COD, which contains pre-printed enrollment information, must be completed and signed by the school certifying official and immediately returned.  Failure to do so will result in suspension of the student's VA education benefits. 
  • Change of Program- Change in the educational, professional, or vocational objective for which the veteran or eligible person entered training. 
  • Confirmed Enrollment - an enrollment certification that is dated, signed, and mailed by the school's certifying official on or after the first day of a certified enrollment period.
  • Enrollment Period – interval of time during which a veteran or eligible person is enrolled in an educational institution and is pursuing a program of education.
  • Entitlement – number of months a student is eligible for VA education benefits
  • School Certifying Official(s) – person(s) designated to serve as the institution's liaison with the SAA and carries out specified duties in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • State Approving Agency (SAA)– state agency authorized to approve institutional programs of education and training for payment of benefits under the various laws administered by the Veterans Administration (VA).   In Virginia, the designated state agency is the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS)
  • Tuition and Fees – total cost for tuition and fees for a course that is charged to all students enrolled in the institution.   Does not include the cost of supplies or books that the student is required to purchase at his/her own expense.
  • VA-ONCE:  Internet-based application used to submit enrollment certifications and notices of change in student status. 


Governance Procedures


The Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) is the state agency charged with the responsibility of administering state programs for veterans and is the official State Approving Agency (SAA) that approves institutional programs of education and training for payment of benefits under the various laws administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).    WWRC is an authorized Institution of Higher Education for the delivery of workforce education and training programs under these VA laws, as approved by the SAA for Virginia.   These governance procedures establish internal protocols and business processes for the Center's identification, qualification, and processing of benefits under the Veterans Education and Training Programs.


All designated School Certifying Officials are required to attend training at least once, if not more often as a refresher, to understand roles, responsibilities and expectations under the DVS Veterans Education and Training Program.  Training topics include:  compliance surveys; approval requirements and criteria; reporting requirements and school liability; record keeping requirements; completion of VA Forms; advance payments; and, VA-ONCE applications.   Click HERE to view WWRC's Designation of Certifying Official(s).


When there is a change in personnel serving as a School Certifying Official, the new designation must be submitted to DVS on VA Form 22-8794 in a timely manner.   Each VA Form 22-8794 must include all names, if more than one, since the new form supersedes the old one. 


Roles and Responsibilities


Designated WWRC staff members serving as a School Certifying Official are expected to:


  • Keep the VA informed of the enrollment status of Veterans and other eligible persons, using VA-based forms.
  • Notify the VA of any changes requiring approval, as defined in the SAA Handbook.
  • Stay abreast of current VA rules and benefits.
  • Maintain records of VA students and make all records available for inspection.
  • Maintain an official school file for each veteran (or eligible person).
  • Serve as the liaison with DVS for any (un)scheduled compliance reviews.


At the beginning of each calendar year, the VA prints a listing of students who were certified at least once and received VA educational benefits during the previous calendar year.   The Lead WWRC SCO shall review and confirm names on the list and note any discrepancies to the VA.    Schools are provided a Reporting Fee based on the number of students who were certified to the VA at least once during the year and who received VA educational benefits.   Per 38 U.S.C. 3684(c), Reporting Fees must be used for the purpose of certifications or otherwise supporting programs for veterans.  Funds are intended to help schools cover the cost of administering their VA programs.  Proper use of the Reporting Fees is verified during compliance surveys.


WWRC shares the expected roles and responsibilities of a School Certifying Official across the Admissions, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Vocational Training Departments, with a designee within the Vocational Training Department as the identified Team Lead.  Roles and responsibilities for the WWRC consumer receiving VA benefits, along with expectations by Center area, are documented in the Table below and illustrated in the subsequent Functional Flow Chart. 


See also related AGM 2.4.10:  WWRC Education and Training Refund Policy Implementation, where applicable.

 Roles/Responsibilities Table: WWRC Participation in the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) Veterans Education and Training Programs



ConsumerAdmissionsVoc. Training (VT)Rehab Counseling (RC)
Apply for VA Benefits

Pre-Admissions Tech (PAT) will identify if VA benefits are indicated from the application package and, if so, enter to AWARE.


PAT will  notify designated department Student Financial Rep (SFR)  who will review the Award letter and contact/verify with VA (is it active and can we proceed to set up?)





Administrative Level – Assign School Certifying Official (SCO)  to serve as :

  • Liaison with DVS for policies, procedures, publications, and authorized programs – process approval revisions per handbook standards & requirements
  • Lead onsite for Compliance Surveys or other On-Site Visits
  • Notify DVS of any changes affecting approved programs


Stay abreast of current VA rules and benefits, read & maintain VA bulletins, & attend VA training opportunities with other WWRC SCOs.  Keep WWRC SCO colleagues informed of changes that may impact their designated role(s).   Maintain most current "Designation of Certifying Officials" form and submit for posting in the AGM, as well as share with WWRC SCO colleagues.


Ensure records retention for at least 3 years following student's last date of attendance.

Assign departmental SCO to use VA-ONCE system to notify the VA of change in program or student status for individual(s) receiving VA benefits.  Includes:


  • when veteran does not achieve satisfactory academic progress
  • within 30 days of all changes in hours of attendance, including interruption or termination
  • Change of program
  • Upon graduation
Provide copy of Award Letter & Certificate of Eligibility to SFR (initial receipt & with any changes)Maintain copy of Award Letter(s) & COE for each consumer receiving benefits – scan to Docfinity (must be maintained in official record) 

Self-Certify clock hours (last day of each month*):  verify through VT Instructor for each certified enrollment period & call VA Hotline: 


*If the last day falls on a weekend, call the next business day. Must be completed to receive funds for the prior month (paid directly to student)

Designated departmental School Certifying Official (SCO) will certify initial veteran enrollment through online VA-ONCE system and notify other WWRC SCOs (VT and RC) of enrollment.



Student Level - Instructor


Verify clock hours completed with student for each certified enrollment period

Change in Program notification if applicableIf relevant, provide VA advance payment check to consumer upon receipt and submit COD documentation (Form 22-1999v). 
 At the end of a student's program, for any student receiving VA benefits, the SFR will send a letter to the VR Counselor with amounts awarded for their records (similar benefit documentation).