WWRC Administrative Procedures Statement 


Administrative Procedure Definition

Set of guiding principles, standards, and expectations governing WWRC operations.  An Administrative Procedure:

*may or may not have an associated policy
*may be department or division specific OR have organization-wide applicability
*may address licensure and/or accreditation standards and criteria that are not otherwise covered in policy​


Section 2 of this Governance Manual includes administrative procedures and business processes that are applicable to daily WWRC business operations.  These administrative procedures and business processes may relate to all WWRC employees or be role-specific based across WWRC divisions (such as all supervisors and managers).  Each administrative procedure is assigned one or more dimension of WWRC's Vision in Action, intended to connect the procedure to the most relevant of the dimension statements.  Each administrative procedure also delineates at least one standard against which it will measured ("accountability indicators").  


Where relevant, existing federal, state, and WWRC policies and related Governance References are noted.   A lead Executive Staff contact is also provided in case there are additional questions or concerns related to a given administrative procedure or business process that may require additional follow-up.


Administrative procedures and business processes that have sole relevance and applicability at a department or office level are maintained by the manager of that area.  For more information, contact the appropriate Executive Staff member:


  • Operations:  Russ Neyman, WWRC Deputy Director & Division Director, Facility Operations
  • Medical Services:  Barb Ostrander, Division Director, Medical Rehabilitation Services
  • Career and Workforce Development Division (CWDD):  James Hall, Division Director, CWDD =
  • Rehabilitation Counseling:   Mike Kelley, Dean of Students and Division Director, Residential Services
  • Residential Services:  Mike Kelley, Dean of Students and Division Director, Residential Services
  • Organizational Development & Quality Assurance:  Kathy Trossi, Division Director, OD&QA
  • Fiscal Operations:  Pat Lancey, WWRC Fiscal Director/Purchasing Manager
  • Human Resource Operations:  Lisa Knicely, WWRC Human Resource (HR) Manager
  • Information Technology & Records Management ServicesSteve Conley, WWRC Information Technology (IT) Director


Administrative Procedure Development and Review

The WWRC Executive Staff, with final approval from the WWRC Director, has sole authority to establish a new WWRC Administrative Procedure. 


Each Executive Staff member is responsible for monitoring administrative procedures that fall within his or her realm of responsibility. Administrative Procedures are expected to be reviewed at least annually, through a process monitored by the WWRC Organizational Development and Quality Assurance (OD&QA) Office. The designated Executive Staff member will submit the reviewed administrative procedure, with any recommended changes, for review and final approval during regularly scheduled Executive Staff meetings.


Once reviewed and approved, with any modifications noted, OD&QA will update and post the revision date in the WWRC Governance Manual.