Topic Number2.3.14Effective DateJanuary 1,  2014
May 30, 2018 (rev)
ProcedureMedia Release Agreement
PurposeTo assure proper authorization for public release of client information and photographs
Accountability Indicators
  • WWRC maintains current client authorization forms on file for ease of retrieval, as indicated.
  • There is documented evidence that WWRC only releases client information, including photographs, when there is current client written authorization.  
Policy ReferenceWWRC Policy 3.3.4:  Confidentiality
WWRC Policy 3.3.8:  Privacy & Disclosure
Detailed Governance ReferenceN/A
Executive Staff ContactRick Sizemore, WWRC Director


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Governance Procedures

The release of client information, including photographs, to the public in any form (reports, print, electronic and social media, website, etc.) always requires expressed written permission of the client (and/or parent/guardian, if a minor) using the Authorization to Release Information for Publication Signed forms are maintained in WWRC’s Records Management Department through Docfinity.


The WWRC client must be informed by WWRC staff that:

  • his/her comments or photograph may go on the Internet and/or be shared through social media channels; and
  • if she/he decides later to rescind his/her permission, it may not be possible to remove the past media interaction, but the Agency will strive to curb or prevent future use of the material.