Topic Number2.3.15Effective Date

January 1, 2014 (rev)

January 29, 2018 (rev)

ProcedureMedical Services for WWRC Day Students
PurposeTo assure WWRC consumers enrolled as day students receive appropriate, coordinated medical services
Accountability IndicatorsThere is evidence that medical services for WWRC day students are effectively and efficiently coordinated and delivered in accordance with this governance procedure, as observed, reported, and documented. 
Policy ReferenceN/A
Detailed Governance ReferenceN/A
Executive Staff ContactBarb Ostrander, WWRC Division Director, Medical Rehabilitation Services


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Governance Procedures

The following protocols apply to WWRC Day Students while on campus:

  • Day Students, regardless of medical condition or prescription medications, will not be routinely pre-screened for admission or interviewed by Student Health upon admission.
  • Student Health will access AWARE and DocFinity records for basic medical information in case of emergency situations.   A printed student enrollment sheet for day students will be maintained in Student Health in case access to AWARE and DocFinity is limited or disrupted. 
  • Day Students residing locally shall continue to rely on their community physician/providers for routine medical needs while a client at WWRC.
  • Day students shall continue to fill all prescriptions for medications at their local pharmacy.
  • All consumers, regardless of enrollment status, will receive emergency support provided by Student Health and/or other WWRC personnel for any urgent medical event occurring on campus. 


The assigned Rehabilitation Counselor must review any exceptions or special circumstance cases related to this governance procedure with their supervisor and the Student Health Supervisor.