Topic Number2.3.19Effective DateMarch 1, 2014 (rev)
ProcedureReporting and Investigating Missing Clients
PurposeTo document coordinated Center-wide protocols for reporting and investigating missing clients
Accountability Indicators
  • WWRC employees follow appropriate procedures for reporting and investigating missing clients, as observed, reported, and documented.
  • The WWRC Police Department conducts thorough investigations of alleged missing clients in a timely, confidential manner, as observed, reported, and documented.
  • Family members and DRS Field Counselors report satisfaction with the level and type of communication provided throughout the search and investigation process. 
Policy ReferenceN/A
Detailed Governance ReferenceN/A
Executive Staff ContactMike Kelley, WWRC Dean of Students & Division Director, Residential Services


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Governance Procedures

WWRC employees who have reason to believe an enrolled WWRC client is missing from campus or a scheduled Center activity is expected to report their concern immediately to their supervisor and Division Director,  giving the facts that support the concern.  The Division Director is expected to notify the WWRC Director, or designee, immediately.    If the incident occurs during non-business hours, the employee is expected to contact the On-Call Administrator to report the missing person and to obtain approval for a search.


Once an individual has been declared missing, the WWRC Police Department will plan and conduct the search, giving this activity priority over other duties.   The assigned Rehabilitation Counselor is expected to notify family members and the VR Rehabilitation Counselor in the person's home community. 


If the missing student is not located on WWRC grounds, the Center Administrator will be notified as well as the Augusta County Sheriff's Department.