Topic Number2.3.21Effective Date

July 1, 2002

January 18, 2017 (rev)

ProcedureStudent Work Opportunities
Purpose:To document the process to assist interested WWRC clients-in-residence in applying for on-campus student work opportunities that enhance workforce readiness.
Accountability IndicatorsWWRC clients-in-residence meet specific expectations of the work opportunity and are able to translate acquired workforce skills to successful employment outcomes.
Policy Reference
Detailed Governance ReferenceN/A
Executive Staff ContactLisa Kratzer, WWRC Human Resource (HR) Manager


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Governance Procedure

WWRC clients-in-residence may apply for designated on-campus work assignments through standard Human Resources protocols.  WWRC employees may assist eligible clients-in- residence to apply for an on-campus student work assignment. To be eligible for a student work assignment, the client must be fully enrolled in a training program, be in good standing with the Center and perform satisfactorily toward the goals and objectives of their rehabilitation program.  WWRC Rehabilitation Counselors trained in Social Security Work Incentives should provide guidance to students who are SSI/SSDI recipients prior to submission of an employment application so that the students are able to make informed personal decisions about the impact of work on benefits.  Students are expected to:

  • demonstrate self control;
  • respect the rights of others and property;
  • conduct him or herself in a safe manner; and,
  • meet area specific expectations.