Topic Number2.3.22Effective DateMarch 1, 2011 (rev)
Procedure Sexual Assault & Other Sexual Violence Procedure
PurposeTo ensure the effective and efficient treatment of a consumer who alleges he/she has been sexually assaulted and to document protocols required to meet treatment and legal requirements
Accountability Indicators
  • WWRC documents compliance with Code of Virginia regulations and WWRC policies governing suspected sexual assault.
  • WWRC consumers who report that they have been sexually assaulted are treated with respect and confidentiality, as observed, reported, and documented. 
Policy Reference
Detailed Governance ReferenceN/A
Executive Staff ContactRuss Neyman, WWRC Deputy Director & Division Director, Facility Operations


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Governance Procedure

WWRC employees are expected to immediately accompany any client reporting or otherwise suspected of being a victim of sexual assault to Student Health and to cooperate with any police investigation, as relevant.    At all times, treat the client with respect and maintain professional levels of confidentiality.


Immediately upon notification, the WWRC Police Department automatically assumes the lead on all cases of suspected sexual assault.  Under certain circumstances and when deemed necessary by the WWRC Police Department, the Virginia State Police will be contacted to take the lead on all aspects of certain investigations.  Specific roles and responsibilities for designated staff positions are delineated below.


Staff Roles and Responsibilities


Student Health Roles & Responsibilities

  • Obtain the history of the alleged incident from the consumer and inform him/her not to bathe or  shower -- actions that might otherwise destroy evidence. 
  • Contact the WWRC Police Department of the alleged incident immediately.
  • Provide privacy and maintain confidentiality for the consumer.
  • Evaluate treatment options and determine if the individual should be transferred to a local hospital for complete physical assessment.
  • If the individual is to be transported to a local hospital, follow Medical Emergencies protocols

WWRC Police Department Roles & Responsibilities

  • Notify the WWRC Deputy Director & Division Director, Facility Operations of the alleged incident or follow After Hours Administrator Access protocol, as relevant. 
  • Open a confidential investigation, collect evidence, interview the client, and complete necessary documentation including a preliminary report to the WWRC Deputy Director. 

    Contact the Virginia State Police, if determined necessary, to assume the lead on the investigation.  If this occurs, alert the WWRC Deputy Director immediately.  
  • Notify the client of his/her right to file a Title IX sex discrimination complaint in addition to filing a criminal complaint, in accordance with WWRC's Title IX policy and related procedures
  • Report the incident to the WWRC Title IX Coordinator, if the client consents, in accordance with WWRC's Title IX policy and related procedures.
  • Maintain close communication with the WWRC Deputy Director and the WWRC Title IX Coordinator, as appropriate, throughout the investigation.
  • Document the outcome of the investigation and take necessary law enforcement actions, in accordance with federal and state laws, WWRC policies, and local ordinances. 

WWRC Deputy Director or After Hours Administrator Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Notify the WWRC Rehabilitation Counseling Manager of the alleged incident and the status of a Police investigation.   
  • Maintain close communication with the WWRC Police Department throughout the investigation.

WWRC Rehabilitation Counseling Division Director Roles & Responsibilities

  • Notify the assigned Rehabilitation Counselor of the alleged incident and the status of a Police investigation.  
  • Maintain close communication with the WWRC Police Department and/or Deputy Director throughout the investigation.
  • Ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place for protection and confidentiality on behalf of the client. 

WWRC Rehabilitation Counselor Roles & Responsibilities

  • Notify the individual's DRS sponsor and family or guardian of the alleged incident and the status of a Police investigation, as appropriate, based on age of client and/or at the client's request. 
  • Coordinate supportive mental health counseling services for the client through WWRC's Behavior Health Department, as needed. 

Coordination with the WWRC Title IX Coordinator  

The WWRC Police Department is required to report incidents of sexual violence to the WWRC Title IX Coordinator if the complainant consents.  The WWRC Title IX Coordinator should be available to assist the WWRC Police Department regarding appropriate response to reports of sexual violence.   The Title IX Coordinator should also be given access to campus police investigation notes and findings as necessary for the Title IX investigation, as long as it does not compromise the criminal investigation.