Topic Number2.3.29Effective DateAugust 21, 2018
Procedure Disposition of Abandoned Consumer Property
Purpose To document protocols for the disposition of abandoned consumer property
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Executive Staff Contact  Mike Kelley, Dean of Students & Division Director, Student Services



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Governance Procedures


WWRC consumers in residence may bring and use personal property on campus in accordance with the WWRC Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.  This governance procedure describes protocol to be applied when consumer property is left on campus at discharge. 


General Terms and Conditions


In the event that personal property remains on campus at discharge, WWRC will make every effort to contact the consumer and safely store the item(s) for up to thirty (30) calendar days post-discharge.  This will allow reasonable time for retrieval arrangements by the property owner.  Under no circumstances will WWRC ship personal property as a means of return.   Personal property that remains on campus after the thirty (30) calendar day period becomes, by definition, abandoned property. 


During the designated thirty (30) calendar day period, WWRC will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the consumer's personal property from any cause.  If the consumer fails to claim his/her property within the designated timeframe, the property will be disposed of in accordance with this governance procedure. 


Any exception to the thirty (30) calendar day period shall be rare and must be reviewed/approved in advance by the WWRC Dean of Students, in consultation with the WWRC Director, or designee.  Exception decisions are final and non-negotiable. 



Protocol for the Disposal of Abandoned Property


The disposal of abandoned consumer property shall be executed in a manner that meets the spirit and intent of WWRC's vision, mission, and values.  No staff member is to receive any personal gain or benefit from abandoned property of a consumer.   Ethical standards for fairness, equity, and organizational benevolence are expected.


The WWRC Dean of Students, or designee, shall determine the means for disposal of abandoned property, based on the nature, type, and value of the property.   Disposition options for abandoned items include:


  • Placement in a trash receptacle
  • Re-purposed for general WWRC use
  • Donation to a local charitable organization