Topic Number2.3.3Effective DateFebruary 1, 2014 (rev); April 2, 2016 (rev)
ProcedureAuthorization for Outside Medical Goods and Services (OGS)
PurposeTo document standardized procedures and business processes governing authorization of outside medical goods and services for WWRC clients
Accountability Indicators
  • WWRC provides a system of authorization of outside medical goods and services for its clients that is cost-efficient and effective, by reducing any potential duplication of items and obtaining maximum reimbursement in compliance with DARS Agency policy.
  • WWRC clients receive appropriate outside medical goods and services in a timely manner, as observed, reported, and documented. 
Policy ReferenceDRS Policy & Procedure Manual, Chapter 14.2:  Comparable Benefits
Detailed Governance ReferenceN/A
Executive Staff ContactBarb Ostrander, WWRC Division Director, Medical Rehabilitation Services


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Governance Procedures

Reflective of its commitment as a good steward of Agency resources, WWRC sets internal control structures to plan and authorize outside medical goods and services for enrolled clients.

The WWRC Medical Services Division is responsible for providing medically necessary goods/services for the completion of a consumer's rehabilitation program at WWRC. 

 All outside medical goods and services necessary for the successful completion of a consumer's established rehabilitation plan will be processed through the WWRC Nursing staff.

Once the consumer is under the care of a WWRC physician, the physician may proceed with ordering diagnostic, preventative, and therapeutic interventions, including medical equipment, medications, and supplies necessary to manage non-emergency and emergency conditions.  The costs associated with these goods and services will be allocated to cost codes 205, 207, 220 and 221.

Outside physician orders for WWRC consumers may be  covered through WWRC contract services.  Follow Agency policy for comparable benefits.