Topic Number2.3.4Effective Date

October 17, 2017

ProcedureWWRC Student Grievance and Appeals Management System
PurposeTo formalize a comprehensive Student Grievance and Appeals Management System that is administered and managed in a fair, impartial, respectful, and timely manner.
Accountability Indicators

WWRC consumers understand and appropriately exercise their rights and responsibilities related to grievances and appeals. 

WWRC staff members understand and appropriately follow protocol related to institution level grievances and appeals.

There is documented evidence of compliance with Federal, State and Agency regulations and accreditation body standards regarding student grievances and consumer VR appeal processes.

Policy Reference
Detailed Governance ReferenceN/A
Executive Staff Contact 

Mike Kelley, WWRC Dean of Students and Director, Residential Services

Russ Neyman, WWRC Deputy Director & Division Director, Facility Services




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 WWRC is committed to providing students with a supportive and caring living and learning environment.  As part of this commitment, WWRC acknowledges that students have the right to voice grievances and to appeal decisions.  Therefore, WWRC has established a Student Grievance and Appeals Management System to ensure that grievances and appeals are administered and managed in a way that dually respond to regulatory and accreditation body requirements while responding to students in a fair, impartial, respectful, and timely manner through consistently applied business processes, standards, and expectations. 

Student grievances, also known as complaints, may be made if a student is dissatisfied with the behavior or actions of the institution or its representatives.    A Grievance is differentiated from an Appeal in that an appeal is an action to request that the institution reconsider an official decision with which the student disagrees.  

WWRC's Student Grievance and Appeals Management System includes a separate set of protocols for each component, one referencing the other, as follows:


Section 2.3.4(a) WWRC Student Grievance Management System

Section 2.3.4(b) WWRC Institution Level Consumer Appeals – Triggers and Protocols

Common elements for both sets of protocols in WWRC's Student Grievance and Appeals Management System include:


    • Documentation of Formal Grievance and Appeals in a Master Database with secured access by authorized parties only; and,
    • Quality Improvement Reviews of Formal Grievances and Appeals at least annually to determine any trends or patterns and reporting to the WWRC Executive Team, as scheduled on findings and recommendations for action.