Topic Number2.3.5Effective DateJuly 1, 2000
ProcedureClient Medications
PurposeTo document expected protocols for the mailing and receipt of client medications and related responsibilities of the client and designated WWRC employees.
Accountability Indicators
  • WWRC follows established protocols to ensure that clients have an adequate supply of medications upon leaving Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center to treat until his/her home physician is able to resume care.
  • WWRC maintains a secure system for controlling receipt and delivery of client medications received via the United States Postal Service (USPS), as observed, reported, and documented.  
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Detailed Governance ReferenceN/A
Executive Staff ContactBarb Ostrander, WWRC Division Director, Medical Rehabilitation Services


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Governance Procedures

This governance procedure identifies designated WWRC employee and client responsibilities related to the mailing and receipt of medications. 


Mailing Medications  

WWRC does not routinely mail medications to clients. Clients are expected to arrange for adequate medications upon leaving the Center for leave, pass, or discharge. This supply of medication should be sufficient to treat the client until his/her home physician is able to resume the management of the client's medical care. Medications which have been stored for the client on the nursing unit should be requested by the client in a timely manner prior to leaving the Center.  Nursing, Rehabilitation Counselors, and Dorm Counselors are expected to assist the clients with this process as needed.  


In the event the client leaves medications on campus, Nursing will call the client for a plan of action for retrieval of medications with options including:

  • The client will return to the Center to pick up the medications within 2 weeks.
  • The client will send a self-addressed postage paid box/envelope for mailing of medications within 2 weeks.
  • The client will give approval for destruction of the medication.


The caller will inform the client that if medications are not retrieved or a postage paid box/envelope is not received within 2 weeks, the medications will be destroyed. The caller will document the plan of action in the client record and inform the Rehabilitation Counselor.

Medications awaiting pickup or mailing of a postage paid box/envelope will be stored in a sealed bag labeled with the client name, name and number of each medication, date of sealing, and signature of person sealing the bag (2 signatures required if any medication is a Schedule II drug). The bag will be placed in a labeled drawer in the Student Health Clinic.


Medication nurses will check the drawer periodically. If the medications have not been picked up, or a postage paid box/envelope has not been received within 2 weeks of sealing, the medications will be destroyed.  

Nursing will document the disposition of medications in the client record, including the name and number of each medication that was picked up, mailed, or destroyed.

Receiving Medication via USPS

The Mailroom Supervisor maintains all mailroom policies and is responsible for ensuring the mail is directed appropriately and efficiently.   The following steps should be followed:

  1. The WWRC Orientation Package that clients and parents receive upon admission shall include information providing direct address for mailing medication to WWRC clients.
  2. The specific mailing address will be available in the WWRC nursing areas and provided to Mailroom staff for instances when telephone calls may be received requesting directions for mailing medication to clients. 
  3. Packages containing student medication shall be uniquely addressed so that the WWRC mailroom operators will know instantly to contact the Nursing Department directly via email and/or telephone to advise that medications have arrived for pick-up by Nursing Department designee(s).
  4. Medication packages will be placed in the WWRC Nursing Department mailbox upon receipt and cannot be retrieved without a mailbox key. If packages are too big for the mailbox, the Mailroom Staff will provide opportunity for package pick-up via window during normal hours of operation. If packages must be retrieved outside normal hours, arrangements will be made with Mailroom Staff to provide package pick-up directly from Mailroom Staff. This assures secure transfer of medication from Mailroom to Nursing Department.
  5. The unique address to be used strictly for receipt of client medication is as follows: 


Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center

P. O. Box 1500; W-800

Fishersville, VA 22939