Topic Number2.3.8Effective DateOctober 1, 2013 (rev)
ProcedureConsumer Harassment
  • To document protocols for reporting incidents of alleged consumer harassment. 
  • To document corrective and disciplinary actions that can result from verified incidents of consumer harassment and/or retaliation. 
Accountability Indicators
  •  There is evidence of a living and learning environment free of harassment for all WWRC consumers, as observed, reported, and documented.
  • There is evidence of prompt, equitable, respectful, and confidential administrative response to allegations of consumer harassment.
  • There is evidence of appropriate corrective action taken, as needed, in response to verified incidents of consumer harassment and/or retaliation. 
Policy ReferenceWWRC Policy 3.3.5:  Consumer Harassment
Detailed Governance ReferenceN/A
Executive Staff Contact Mike Kelley, Dean of Students and Director Residential Services/Rehabilitation Counseling Divisions


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Governance Procedures


Harassment is illegal and contrary to the values of WWRC.  Harassment will not be tolerated in any form. The WWRC Police Department is expected to investigate all reported incidents of consumer harassment.  WWRC Administration is expected to resolve reported incidents in a prompt, equitable, and sensitive manner, based on investigation findings. 


Any consumer who believes he/she has been subjected to harassment is expected to file a complaint immediately with their assigned Rehabilitation Counselor. The person making the complaint should give as much detailed information as possible, i.e., name of person(s), date(s) and time(s) of incident(s) and, specific behaviors. Should the party accused be a staff member or volunteer, the Rehabilitation Counselor will report the allegation to the Counseling Manager or in the Counseling Manager’s absence, the WWRC Director (or designee). 


Any staff member or volunteer, who is found, after appropriate investigation, to have engaged in harassment of a consumer will be subject to action based on the Commonwealth of Virginia Standards of Conduct or applicable Agency actions.


Any consumer, who is found after appropriate investigation to have engaged in harassment of another consumer will be subject to action based in the regulations of the Center. WWRC clients may press charges against other clients.   If the alleged incident rises to a criminal level, individuals have the right to press criminal charges.  


Any person who engages in any form of intimidation, threats or retaliation against the reporting party will be subject to disciplinary action.


The assigned Rehabilitation Counselor is accountable to ensure any client filing a harassment complaint is free from any form or type of retaliation.


False charges of harassment will be treated as serious offenses. Persons making false charges will be subject to disciplinary action.