Topic Number2.3.9Effective DateSeptember 1, 2013 (rev)
ProcedureConsumer Informed Choice
PurposeTo document standards and expectations to ensure consumers served at WWRC have the opportunity to engage actively in their rehabilitation program and to make decisions based on informed choice. 
Accountability Indicators
  • Persons served report having an active voice and being engaged in their own rehabilitation program, as documented through Student Focus Groups, exit surveys, and informal communications through their assigned WWRC Rehabilitation Team and DARS Rehabilitation Counselor. 
  • WWRC maintains documentation of formal complaints from WWRC consumers related to informed choice as well as actions taken. 
Policy Reference
Detailed Governance Reference*See related Administrative Governance Procedure 2.3.4 (Client Appeals System)
Executive Staff ContactMike Kelley, Dean of Students


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Governance Procedures


WWRC Rehabilitation Counselors have the lead responsibility to inform consumers, from admissions through discharge, of their opportunity to make informed choices regarding their own rehabilitation program.  All WWRC employees are expected to promote consumer informed choice within the parameters of their role and function. 


All WWRC employees are expected to communicate with all clients using their preferred mode of communication.  The assigned Rehabilitation Counselor, as supported by the client’s Rehabilitation Team, is expected to provide each client relevant information or assistance in obtaining whatever supports and/or information is needed to assist the client in decision-making processes


Information provided to a client to help in decision-making is required to include (but is not limited to) the following elements:

  • Cost
  • Accessibility
  • Satisfaction with services
  • Qualifications of potential providers
  • Types of services offered, by provider
  • The degree to which services are provided in an integrated setting


If the assigned Rehabilitation Counselor and client cannot reach a mutually agreed upon decision, the counselor is expected to let the client know their appeal rights and options.


WWRC Rehabilitation Counselors are expected to document choices made by the consumer in AWARE case notes.