2.3.1    Student Financial Assistance Programs and Coordination of Services

             2.3.1(a): Title IV Student Financial Aid Eligibility & Coordination of Services

      • Definitions

      • Governance Procedures

      • Educational Qualification 

      • Career Pathways Program Basis of Determination

      • Roles and Responsibilities 

             2.3.1(b): Participation in the State Approved Agency Veterans Education and Training Program and Coordination of Services

      • Definitions
      • Governance Procedures
      • Roles and Responsibilities

2.3.2 Assistive Technology (AT) Procurement & Loan Use for Clients

        • Definitions
        • ACT Loaner Library Programs: Access & Use Protocols

2.3.3 Authorization for Outside Goods & Services

2.3.4 WWRC Student Grievance and Appeals Management System

 2.3.4(a) WWRC Student Grievance Management System

      • Filing an Informal Grievance
      • Filing a Formal Grievance
      • Withdrawal of a Grievance
      • Coordination with Accreditation Body Requirements
      • Quality Improvement Procedures

 2.3.4(b) Institution Level Consumer Appeals: Triggers and Protocols

      • Definitions
      • What Qualifies for an Appeal at the Institution Level?
      • Institution Level Appeal Process Protocols
      • Coordination with Federal VR Regulations and Applicable DARS Policies and Procedures
      • Coordination with Accreditation Body Requirements

2.3.5 Client Medication

      • Mailing Medications
      • Receiving Medications via USPS

2.3.6 Client Records

      • Roles and Responsibilities
      • Case Record Standards
      • Safeguarding Client Records

2.3.7 Confidentiality, Privacy, and Disclosure

      • Information Disclosure
      • Role-Specific Program Responsibilities
      • Responding to External Requests for Client Information
      • Protocols for Changing a Client Record
      • Breach and Sanctions
      • Accountability
      • Orientation and Training Requirements​

2.3.8 Consumer Harassment

2.3.9 Consumer Informed Choice

2.3.10 Consumer Participation & Input

2.3.11 Daily 'Bridges': Rehabilitation Team Shift Change Communication

2.3.12  Incomplete Records Closure​

2.3.13 Maintaining Appropriate Staff/Client Boundaries

      • What Is a Staff/Consumer Boundary Issue?
      • What Do I Do if a Potential Boundary Issue Exists?

2.3.14 Media Release Agreement

2.3.15 Medical Services for WWRC Day Students

2.3.16 Mental Health Crisis Intervention

      • Suicide Threat or Decomposition
      • Suicide Attempt
      • Physical Aggression
      • Disposition Options
      • Transportation
      • Documentation

2.3.17 Rehabilitation Team Meetings

      • ​What is the Protocol to Request a Team Meeting
      • What are Expectations for Rehabilitation Team Members
      • WWRC/DRS Rehabilitation Team Communication Expectations and Protocols

    2.3.18 Report Distribution  

        • ​Multidisciplinary Programs Case Managed by a WWRC Rehabilitation Counselors
        • PERT Services Case Managed by a WWRC Rehabilitation Counselor and PERT Field Specialis
        • Outside Physician and DSA Referrals for Outpatient Evaluation
        • Assistive Technology/Outpatient DME Reports
        • Hard Copy and Electronic Copy Business Processes 

    2.3.19 Reporting & Investigating Missing Clients
    2.3.20 Search & Seizure
    2.3.21 Student Work Opportunities
    2.3.22 Sexual Assault & Other Sexual Violence Procedure

        • Staff Roles and Responsibilities
        • Coordination with the WWRC Title IX Coordinator

     2.3.23 Use of Service Animals

    2.3.24 WWRC Client Transportation

    2.3.25  Management of Student Behaviors

    2.3.26 Medication Management

        • Definitions
        • Medication Management:  General Expectations and Requirements
        • Critical Medications
        • Other Medications
        • Transportation
        • Documentation

    2.3.28    Urine Drug Screen (UDS) Administration and Management 

        • WWRC Urine Drug Screening (UDS) Administration and Management Overview
        • Substance Abuse Assessment & Treatment Protocols
        • WWRC UDS Administration Protocols
        • Circulation of Results

    2.3.29      Disposition of Abandoned Consumer Property

        • ​General Terms and Conditions
        • ​Protocol for the Disposal of Abandoned Property