​​​​​​​2.4.1 Campus & Facility Use

        • Facilities Available for Use
        • General Guidelines for Use of WWRC Campus & Facilities
        • Use of WWRC Campus and Facilities for Routine Events
        • Use of WWRC Campus and Facilities for Non-Routine Events
        • WWRC Special Events Campus/Facility Use Form

          2.4.2a Children in the Workplace
          2.4.2b Animals in the Workplace
2.4.3 Continuing Education Provider Administration & Management

        • Administration & Management of CE Activities for WWRC Employees
        • Administration & Management of CE Activities for Non-WWRC Staff

2.4.4 Contracts and Service Agreements

2.4.5 Director's Discretionary Fund

2.4.6 Employee Educational Assistance

      • Eligibility Criteria
      • Allowable Education Assistance Award Limits
      • Agreements Required

2.4.7 Forms Development, Approval, and Management (Client-Related)

      • Definitions
      • Forms Development Guidelines
      • Forms Review and Approval Protocols

2.4.8 Inventory Management & Control

      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC's Materials Management Department
      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC Employees

2.4.9 Procurement of Goods & Services

      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC's Purchasing and Contracts Office
      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC Employees

2.4.10 WWRC Education and Training Refund Policy Implementation Standards,                                     Expectations, and Protocols
2.4.11 Responding to External Requests for Information and Engagement with Elected                         Officials

      • Contact with the Media
      • Contact with Local, State, and Federal Legislators and Other Elected Officials
      • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
      • Deposition, Subpoena, and Court Orders
      • Data Requests

2.4.12 Space Management

      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC's Building Managers
      • Approval for Purchase, Erection, or Placement of Structures on Center Property
      • Movement of Staff, Computers, Printers, & Other Technologies

2.4.13 Staff Participation in Speaking Engagements

      • Approval Process
      • Use of Data in Speaking Engagements

2.4.14 University Internship/Affiliate Experiences

      • Program Options
      • Standardized Protocols for Partnerships with University Programs

2.4.15 Use of State Property After Hours

2.4.16  Donations and Private Funding/ Sponsorships/Resources:  Role of the WWRC    

             Foundation and Council of Organizations

2.4.17 WWRC Recycling Program

2.4.18 Loaner Mobility Device Program

2.4.19 Data Requests, Data Management and Data Use

      • Definitions
      • Standardized Business Processes: Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations

2.4.20 Customer Satisfaction

      • Customer Satisfaction Written Plan 
      • WWRC Customer Satisfaction Distribution Plan 

2.4.21 Portable Space Heaters

      • Procedure:  Request to Verify the Set Point in a Given Area 
      • Procedure:  Reasonable Accommodation Request

2.4.22 WWRC Capital Outlay Program

2.4.23 Providing Tribute to Others: Named Locations, Memorials, Dedications,                   and Service Signs

      • Naming of Locations on WWRC campus
      • Designation of a Memorial or Dedication
      • Employee 40 Year (or More) Service Signs