Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

Safety and Risk Management Committee Charter

 November 2016



The mission of the Safety and Risk Management Committee is to assess and reduce safety hazards and potential risks to students, employees and visitors in order to create a safe living and work environment.

Scope of Authority

The Safety and Risk Management Committee is an advisory committee which makes recommendations to the WWRC Executive Staff regarding safety and risk management issues.  The committee has no authority to implement policies.


I.          Educate staff regarding:

- safety rules on the job
- WWRC Safety and Risk Management Policies
- staying alert to recognize and report unsafe conditions
- importance of thoroughly completing Incident Reports;

II.        Assist front-line Supervisors to:

- develop safety policies and procedures for the workplace

- correct unsafe acts or conditions

- conduct quarterly safety inspections

- solicit employee suggestions on safety and accident prevention;

III.       Review and analyze Incident Reports to determine if:

- incident was preventable

- additional staff training is required 
- a new policy is needed

- feedback to Supervisors/Managers/Executive Staff will minimize risk of accidents;

IV.       Maintain a comprehensive record of incidents, location, description, time lost, treatment, and recommendations;

V.        Accompany and assist outside loss prevention and safety professionals with inspections and training sessions and follow-up recommendations


Membership and Roles

I.          Membership of the Safety and Risk Management Committee shall consist of:

            - Safety and Risk Management Office, Chair

            - PPS Maintenance Supervisor

            - Nursing Services Representative

  - Representative for each Building Manager/Division

  - Open (optional Membership)

  • Student Government Representative
  • Representative from each Department

II.         The roles of various committee positions are listed:


a.      The role of the Chair is to:

i.  Assure the meeting materials and agenda are distributed to members prior to the meeting.

ii. Assure that all members have an equal opportunity to be heard regarding all issues.

iii.Maintain focus of meetings on SRM mission.

iv. Submit annual report to Executive Staff and semi-annual report to Director's Leadership Team, as scheduled, detailing staff/client accidents/incidents and measures adopted to minimize future risks.


b.     The role of the committee members is to:

i. Arrive on time and participate in all meetings.

ii. Disagree as an ally when differences are perceived with other committee members.

iii. Contact the Chair prior to the meeting if attendance is not possible and provide names of alternate to attend in members' place.

iv. Assure achievement of goals and objectives.

v. Serve as a liaison to the division they represent by identifying potential safety hazards within or affecting their division.


The Safety and Risk Management Committee shall meet as necessary to carry out its functions.  Normally, this should be on the first Wednesday of every other month.

Performance Assessment

A meeting summary with findings and recommendations will be presented to the Executive Staff.