Glossary of Commonly Used Abbreviations and Terms



  • AGM – Administrative Governance Manual
  • AT – Assistive Technology
  • ATB – Ability to Benefit provisions under the Higher Education Act, as amended
  • COVLC – Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center
  • CRC – Career Readiness Certificate
  • CSST – Community Supports Services Team
  • CWDD – Career and Workforce Development Division
  • DARS/DRS – Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services/Division of Rehabilitative Services
  • DSA – Disability Services Agency
  • FFY – Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 – September 30)
  • OD&QA – Organizational Development and Quality Assurance Division
  • OoS – Order of Selection
  • PERT – Postsecondary Education and Rehabilitation Transition Program
  • PREP – Pre-employment Readiness and Education Program
  • RSA – Rehabilitation Services Administration
  • SFY – State Fiscal Year (July 1 – June 30)
  • SIP - Student Internship Program
  • SWOT Analysis – Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threat brainstorm strategy/process
  • VE – Vocational Evaluation
  • VMA/MSI – Virginia Manufacturing Association/Manufacturing Skills Institute
  • VR – Vocational Rehabilitation
  • VT – Vocational Training
  • WIOA – Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act
  • WWRC – Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center

 See also - AGM 5.3.1 – Acronyms; Vocational Training Operations Manual 4.3



  • Department(s) – a general term used to group programs of study that educate students in a variety of specific concentrations that are related to that term.   WWRC's Vocational Training Programs are managed with oversight from an Department Chairperson assigned to each of the following departments:
    • Services/Trades
    • Business/Information Technology 
    • Manufacturing/Production

  • Order of Selection – When, due to limited resources, all eligible vocational rehabilitation (VR) consumers cannot be served, the law requires that DARS provide services to persons in priority categories. This is called an Order of Selection (OoS).   Individuals who are determined eligible for services are placed into priority categories.   DARS opens and closes categories based on its available resources

  • Training Program – a combination of courses and related activities that lead to an industry-recognized credential and/or workplace certification that are offered to develop competencies required for a specific occupation.    See the COE Approved Programs List for current Training Programs offered by WWRC 

  • Workforce Credential – validated documentation of competencies endorsed by a specific industry or industry sector that is required for entry to employment and/or employment advancement within that industry or industry sector – See Self-Study Characteristics section for listing of trackable workforce credentials specific to WWRC Training Program offerings

  • Workplace Certification – documentation of general knowledge, skills, and/or performance levels attained that may or may not lead to employment and/or employment advancement – See Self-Study Characteristics section for listing of trackable workforce credentials specific to WWRC Training Program offerings