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Institutional & Community


James Hall, Kathy Trossi, Kurt Sprenger6/1/20174/26/20176/30/20176/1/2017 

Conditions Checksheet

James Hall3/1/20173/2/20176/30/20173/7/2017

Standard 1 – Institutional Mission

See attached list3/1/20173/3/20176/30/20173/16/2017

Standard 2 – Educational Programs

See attached list6/1/20172/9/20176/30/20176/6/2017
Program Supplements:  Business/Information Technology Occupational Area
Computer Support SpecialistM. Hooven/B. Cho6/1/20176/12/20176/30/20176/15/2017
Data Entry ClerkM.Hooven/D. Holmes6/1/20176/12/20176/30/20176/15/2017
General Office/Administrative AssistantM. Hooven/D. Holmes6/1/20176/12/20176/30/20176/15/2017
Customer Service/Call Center/Retail Sales Associate – TEACH OUT STATUSM. Hooven/D. Hinch6/1/20176/12/20176/30/20176/15/2017
External Training Option (ETO) Program – Various Training ProgramsM. Hooven/ETO Instructional Team6/1/20176/12/20176/30/20176/15/2017
Program Supplements:  Manufacturing/Production Occupational Area
Furniture Assembly and Production Worker – TEACH OUT STATUSS. Sweeney/D. Foster6/1/20176/1/20176/30/20176/5/2017
Production and  Assembly WorkerS. Sweeney/D. Foster6/1/20176/1/20176/30/20176/5/2017
Manufacturing Technology TrainingS. Sweeney/J. Leech6/1/20176/1/20176/30/20176/5/2017
Stock Clerk (also known as Materials Handling)S. Sweeney/S. McGuffin6/1/20176/1/20176/30/20176/5/2017
Program Supplements:  Services/Trades Occupational Area

Auto Service Technician (Tire &Auto Lubrication)

P. Moore/M. Bartosik6/1/20175/8/20176/30/20175/18/2017
Cafeteria AttendantP.Moore/S. Britt6/1/20175/16/20176/30/20175/17/2017
Cook's AssistantP.Moore/S. Britt6/1/20175/16/20176/30/20175/17/2017
DishwasherP.Moore/S. Britt6/1/20175/16/20176/30/20175/17/2017
Kitchen AssistantP.Moore/S. Britt6/1/20175/16/20176/30/20175/17/2017
Nurse AideP. Moore/K. Spilman6/1/20174/9/20176/30/20175/18/2017
Personal Care AideP. Moore/K. Spilman6/1/20174/9/20176/30/20175/18/2017
Standard 3 – Program and Institutional OutcomesSee attached list


Standard 4 – Strategic Planning See attached list3/1/20172/23/20176/30/20176/6/2017
Standard 5 – Learning ResourcesSee attached list3/1/20173/1/20176/30/20176/6/2017
Standard 6 - Physical Resources and Technical InfrastructureSee attached list3/1/20173/29/20176/30/20176/6/2017

Standard 7 - Financial Resources

See attached list3/1/20173/20/20176/30/20176/6/2017
Non-Public Institutions: Audited Financial Statement & COE Financial QuestionnaireN/A - WWRC is  a public institution N/AN/AN/AN/A

Standard 8 - Human Resources

See attached list3/1/20172/15/20176/30/20176/6/2017

Standard 9 - Organizational Structure

See attached list3/1/20171/24/20176/30/20172/1/2017

Standard 10 - Student Services and Activities

See attached list3/1/20173/1/20176/30/20176/6/2017


See attached list7/1/20178/1/20178/1/20178/1/2017

Document Reproduction

(Printing – If Needed)

OD&QA Team (from Sharepoint site)


Transmit Self-Study and Program Supplements to Team Leader

(1 copy before preliminary visit)

Kerry Krause  Preliminary visit conducted 7/14/17.  Mr. Hodgson indicated he didn't want anything in advance, would review SP/URL site when arrived & determine format for team (6/6/17 email).​7/14/2017

Transmit Self-Study and Program Supplements to Team Members

(1 copy each before visit)

Kerry Krause  At conclusion of preliminary visit, Mr. Hodgson verbally told WWRC administration access to the self-study for all team members through a SP/URL site was approved – to send him access information that he would distribute at least 2 weeks prior​8/16/2017

Transmit Self-Study and Program Supplements to Council Office

(1 electronic copy)

Kerry Krause  8/31/20178/16/2017
Revise Educational Programs Chart (if needed)Kerry Krause  As needed8/2/2017
Target Date for Self-Study Completion8/1/2017