AWARE Release Policy and Procedures.docx
1/23/2019 10:41 AMPerrine, Rob (DARS)AWARE Release Policy and Procedures.docx2.0ApplicationA team of users and information technology staff from DARS, DBVI, and WWRC work together to test and implement each release. This details all responsibilities of the user team, and contains a schedule to facilitate upgrades
DocFinity Policy and Procedures Manual - Business Process.docx
1/23/2019 10:45 AMPerrine, Rob (DARS)DocFinity Policy and Procedures Manual - Business Process.docx2.0ApplicationDSA Electronic Document Imaging, includeing DocFinity EDMS, Business Process Monitoring & Workflow System, Barcoding & Scanning, Records Management, eForms, Dashboards, Hierarchial Storage Management, and DocFinity Core
DARS SharePoint Governance for End Users.doc
1/23/2019 2:48 PMPerrine, Rob (DARS)DARS SharePoint Governance for End Users.doc2.0ApplicationOutlines roles and responsibilities, usage, communications, references to policies, and generally answer question about the DSA’s implementation of this framework. 
AWARE Account Management Procedure.docx
2/5/2019 1:28 PMPerrine, Rob (DARS)AWARE Account Management Procedure.docx2.0ApplicationAWARE Case Management System is a web based application for managing DSA client cases. This manual details account management for DSA staff and interacts with the ISAA application to activate or deactivate accounts
LTESS EES System Admin Manual.docx
2/5/2019 1:41 PMPerrine, Rob (DARS)LTESS EES System Admin Manual.docx2.0ApplicationAdministrator Manual for Long Term Employment Support Services and Extended Employment Services System. Includes duties related to: system access, vendor allocations, trainings and payments, client enrollment and closure.
2/5/2019 1:44 PMPerrine, Rob (DARS)SARA-Admin-Guide.pdf2.0ApplicationSituational Awareness and Response Assistant Admin Guide, used by WWRC for client safety. Monitored devices send alarms through a central server to WWRC staff.