AmeriCare Plus Corporate Partnership


AmeriCare Plus is a Virginia-based health care business that operates in-home care and satellite Home Health and Assisted Living facilities located throughout the state.   Known as "Team Teal", the company places a high value on quality caregiving and quality customer service.   AmeriCare Plus is proudly partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veteran's Care Coordination, Commonwealth Coordinated Care, the Virginia Association of Personal Care Providers, and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. 


In June, 2017, administrative staff from AmeriCare Plus (Bill Hurt, Vice President, Kim Hurt, Director of Operations, and Jaclyn Hostetter, Staffing Director) met with DARS Business Development Manager, Nate Mahanes, and WWRC's Health Occupations Instructor, Pam Moore, among other WWRC staff to discuss how AmeriCare might connect with exiting graduates in their localities for employment.  Both Bill and Kim sit on numerous advisory bodies in the healthcare industry, and Bill is the President of the Virginia Association of Personal Care Providers.  A focal point of the visit was a meeting with the Health Occupations Instructors who facilitated a meeting with AmeriCare staff and WWRC Health Occupations consumers. 


During the meeting, it occurred to the AmeriCare Staffing Director that while not all twenty Health Occupations consumers in attendance had their Certified Nursing Assistant license yet, approximately half of them currently held the prerequisite Personal Care Aide (PCA) Certification, which more than qualified those consumers to work for AmeriCare in numerous "hard-to-fill" positions.  This story continues with remarkable results as the AmeriCare Staffing Director worked with the Health Occupations class instructor to process several applications for consumers who expressed an interest in working for AmeriCare.  Following a criminal background check and application review, AmeriCare hired five WWRC consumers from the Health Occupations classroom.  Numerous shifts were scheduled by AmeriCare as soon as the consumers were hired.  


AmeriCare was contacted by one of their customers who had been cared for by one of the WWRC consumers hired by AmeriCare to provide in-home care.  The customer relayed that he didn't know where AmeriCare had found such a wonderful employee, but he had no complaints and hoped she would provide services in the future.  These consumers are gaining valuable experience and earning a small income while they continue gaining skills and credentials through vocational rehabilitation.  Skills gains and credentials, as well as the business engagement with AmeriCare, are all key measures of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act.


AmeriCare assignments are typically in local Assisted Living Centers or In-home Care applications.  AmeriCare has indicated that they would like to not only keep an ongoing relationship with WWRC's CNA trainees who have PCA Certification for part-time work, but also maintain an active relationship with Nate Mahanes and other relevant Business Development Managers to build a pipeline relationship for their workforce.


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