Since 2014, there have been several defining pieces of legislation and regulatory guidance documents at both federal and state levels, which have created new and expanded opportunities for disability employment when viewed against a backdrop of the economy, job creation and development of Virginia's workforce.    WWRC has leveraged these combined resources, in partnership with its parent Agency, DARS, and the WWRC Foundation, to create a vision for Business Engagement reflective of its mission and governance. 







This Sharepoint site was designed and launched in 2017 for use by the WWRC Executive Team and its Leadership Team to document, track, and monitor the frequency, types, and outcomes resulting from Business Engagement initiatives conducted in partnership with Agency Business Development Managers and the WWRC Foundation, in accordance with its vision, documented in AGM 4.2.2.a.  The site links to WWRC's AGM and serves as a "running journal"/online repository of documents, photos, podcasts, and social media stories that demonstrate WWRC's Vision for Business Engagement in Action. 


This Sharepoint site further documents WWRC's level of performance under WIOA  as it relates to two of six CORE WIOA Measures:

  • Effectiveness in Serving Employers as demonstrated through:
    • Retention (with the same employer)
    • Repeat Business Customers
    • Employer Penetration Rate


  • Business Engagement as demonstrated through the employment of VR consumers and the filling of current/projected industry pipeline needs with qualified (skilled and credentialed) workers