This publicly accessible site contains policies that are specific to the administration and operation of Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center (WWRC).   These policies are not intended to supplant existing federal and Commonwealth of Virginia laws, regulations, and requirements, but rather to supplement them as needed.  Where relevant, existing federal and state policies are referenced. 


Policy Definition

Legal mandate, legislative code requirement, Executive Order, and/or other regulation governing WWRC operations. 

A policy ensures organization compliance with applicable federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations.​


 The policies contained in this manual are not inclusive of all Commonwealth of Virginia policies governing WWRC executive support functions such as fiscal, human resource, information technology and records management.    For more information, contact the appropriate WWRC Executive Support Unit Manager.


Policy Development, Review, and Approval Process 

The WWRC Executive Staff, with final approval from the WWR​C Directorhas sole authority to establish a new WWRC policy.  Each Executive Staff member is responsible for monitoring policies that fall within their realm of responsibility.  Policies are expected to be reviewed every three years or earlier if circumstances require, through a process monitored by the WWRC Organizational Development and Quality Assurance (OD & QA).  During the review process, the designated Executive Staff member is expected to determine if the policy is duplicated elsewhere or if its purpose conflicts with any other policy or document.  The designated Executive Staff member will submit the reviewed policy with any recommended changes for review during regularly scheduled Executive Staff meetings.


In accordance with legislative action taken during the 2018 Virginia General Assembly, effective January 1, 2019, any final recommended WWRC policy change is subject to a 30-day period to include public comment through the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website, after publication in the Virginia Register of Regulations and prior to its effective date.


Once reviewed through public comment and approved, with any modifications noted, the OD​&QA Office will update and post the policy change with the final revision date.