​​Frequently Asked Questions

As with the rest of the DSA SharePoint Portal User Training Site, if you do not find the answer to a question you are looking for on the FAQ page, Join the Discussion or contact your SharePoint Administrator.

Q. I can't find the link to get into my site. Is there a Directory in the DSA SharePoint Portal where I can look up my site so that i do not have to bookmark my URL?

A. On the homepage of the SharePoint Portal there is a link in the Navigation Bar titled 'Site Directory'. This lists all the sites on the SharePoint Portal. If you click on a site and do not have access, you will be asked why you want access to this site. Submit your request and the administrator/owner of that site will approve or decline your request. You will receive a notice via email of the decision. Anonymous sites are open for Read Only access to all viewers.

Q. I tried to do a function that resulted in a message that read 'something went wrong'. What now?

A.  If you get this message, hit the back button to return to the previous screen and contact the SharePoint Administrator with details about what you were trying to do when you received the error. This way we can keep track of how many users are interested in using these services.

Q. What is "Site Contents"?

A. Site Contents is the 'back-end of your SharePoint site. It is where all your Libraries and Lists are stored in a collection until you are ready to use them. As your site grows, so does your Site Contents. Site Contents can always be accessed by clicking on the settings 'gear' icon next to your sign in name, then choose Site Contents from the drop down menu or on the link to it at the bottom of the Quick Launch Navigation. **In some site collections the Quick Launch may be located from left to right instead of top to bottom, placing the Site Contents link to the far right.

Q. Can I remove "Site Contents from my Quick Launch Navigation so that users can not get to it?

A.  No. Site Contents is set on the Quick Launch Navigation by default.

Q. How do I edit my Quick Launch Navigation?

A. Editing the Quick Launch Navigation is a simple process that can be done on any page. Check out the tutorial on Editing the Quick Launch Navigation for more details.

Q. How do I create a hyperlink to one document?

A. To create a link to just one document in your document library, right click the document and choose 'Properties' from the drop down menu. A pop up window will appear in the top left corner. In the window you will see a long link that includes the title of your document in it. Highlight and copy this link for use wherever you need it.

 Q. I am a Site Owner. Now that my Site is set up, how do I grant access to my Site to other users?

A. Granting access to a Site is one of the Tasks for a Site Owner. You will recieve an email each time a user wants to access your Site. By following the instructions in this tutorial you can easily grant them access. How to Grant Access to Your Site.aspx Keep in mind that the SharePoint Administrator will not grant access to Sites even in the event of a long term absence. If you will be away from your email for an extended period of time, please contact the SharePoint Administrator to make arrangements to have this alert sent to a back-up Site Owner.

 Q. I copied and pasted content from a Word Document into a SharePoint Page and now I cannot reconfigure the formatting. How do I fix this?

​A. Word Documents have formatting to create different font styles and sizes, borders, tables, paragraph indentions, etc. When the content from a Word Document is pasted into a SharePoint Page or Webpart, the original formatting may conflict with the formatting codes set up in the SharePoint Portal, producing content that is off center, incorrect size, or hard to work with. The HTML code built into SharePoint is set up for uniformity on the Site. The solution to this is to remove the content from SharePoint and start with a blank page. Then open a blank notepad by clicking on your Start Menu> All Programs> Accessories> Notepad.  From the Word Document, copy and paste into Notepad. From Notepad, copy and paste into the SharePoint page. This process will strip out any HTML tags that Word has applied to the content. Formatting will have to be added back into the content using the Microsoft Ribbon in SharePoint.