As Site Owner, you will be tasked with granting access to your site from time to time. When users find your site or click on a link they received in an email, they will be asked  to explain why they want to access your site. When the submit the request, you will receive an email asking you to approve or decline the request. Click on the link in the email to go to the Access Request Page within your Site OR you can go to the Access Request Page by following the procedures listed below:

Go to your Site Settings (the gear shaped Icon in near your log in name) and click on "Site Settings":


 In Site Settings, Click on 'Access requests and invitations (this view will vary from user to user. If you do not see "Access requests and invitations", you do not have the ability to Approve/Decline Access Requests)':


The Access Requests page will appear. Click on the three dots (...) next to the users name:



The request access dialog box will appear. From the Permissions tab, use the dropdown option to choose the permissions level for your user. All permissions levels available on the Site will appear. Then type a message to the user (optional) in the Conversation Box. When you are done, Click "Approve".

Alternatively, if you choose to decline the request, you do not have to choose a permission level, but you should give an explanation of why you are rejecting the request. Example: "This Site is closed to only members of this team".

Keep in mind that "Edit" permissions will allow the user to contribute or change content on your site, while "Read" permissions will only allow the user to view the site. "Full Access" gives the user the ability to change backgrounds, grant permissions, etc. These permissions can be changed at any time depending on your needs.



After you Approve/Decline the request, the user will be sent an automated email and you will see the following screen. (Note that if you have more than one request, pending requests will be listed on the page):