How to Edit the Quick Launch Navigation

Editing the Quick Launch Navigation can be done from any page in your Site, not just the home page. Click on the 'EDIT LINKS' link located below the Site Contents link in the Quick Launch Navigation.

This will open the Quick Launch Navigation for Editing. There are several editing functions that can be performed from this view. You can delete, add, rename, and organize links from this view. Clicking save will change the Quick Launch Navigation on all pages of the Site.

SharePoint also automatically adds recently created Libraries and Lists to the Quick Launch Navigation. This allows visitors to your Site to see recent changes to the Site. If you do not wish to see these on the Quick Launch Navigation, simply click on EDIT LINKS, and click the X next to RECENT. You will be asked if you want to delete all the contents under RECENTLY ADDED. Choose OK. All recently added links will be removed from the Quick Launch Navigation. Alternatively, you can drag the links from RECENTLY  to a place in your Navigation creating a more permanent link for users.

Changing the Order of the Quick Launch Navigation

SharePoint makes changing the order of your navigation items as easy and dragging and dropping in place. With your mouse, right click on the item you want to move (holding down the right mouse button) and drag the item through the menu until it is where you want it to appear. Then release the mouse button. You will notice that you can 'indent' items while dragging them. This is a feature that that allows you to make items stand out more. If this is not what you want, repeat the steps above and move the item closer to the left of the screen to 'snap' it back into the margin.

Continue with one item at a time until you have all your items in the order you prefer. **Note: "Site Contents" cannot  be repositioned and will always remain the last item in the Quick Launch Navigation.

Rename a Link in the Quick Launch Navigation

This is helpful if you don't want to change where the link opens to, only the text used to describe the link. To rename a link in the Quick Launch Navigation, Click on the EDIT LINKS link below the navigation menu. Once the Quick Launch Navigation opens to editing, highlight the individual link with your mouse.  As you start to type over the text, he old text will be replaced with the new text. The URL behind the link remains the same.