​​Chapter 8.01 Contents:

[REVISED: 2/3/14]

  1. Not a stand-alone service.
    For a client who usually provides dependent care or child care for a relative by blood or law, or for someone living with the client, the counselor may authorize additional dependent care or child care during the hours the client is required to participate in a VR service. For example, if the client has a VR appointment from 9 a.m. - noon, the counselor may authorize morning dependent care but not all-day dependent care.  However, if the client already had all-day arrangements in place (such as family member, day care center, baby sitter, etc.), the counselor shall not authorize it because no additional expense is incurred to participate in VR.

  2. Maximum allowance.
    The maximum allowance for full time child care is the amount paid per child, per day by the Department of Social Services (DSS) in the locality in which the child resides.  Part-time child care shall be pro-rated.  For more than one child, the rate shall be reduced in accordance with DSS rates for multiple-child families.

  3. Comparable benefits.
    Dependent or child care services shall (per 2001 Federal Regulation 34 CFR § 361.53) be subject to comparable benefits policy.  See Chapter 14.2, COMPARABLE, Policy 1.

  4. Fee-based.
    Dependent or child care services, except when needed to access VR diagnostic and evaluation services, shall (per 2001 Federal Regulation 34 CFR § 361.54) be subject to consumer financial participation.  See Chapter 14.3, FINANCIAL, Policy 1.

  5. Encumbering funds.
    Vocational rehabilitation services provided to family members shall be subject to DRS established purchasing policies and procedures. See Chapter 14.1, PURCHASING, Policy 1.  Use S/I code A7800 Child care; see DARS Services Reference Manual, Other Services, “Services to Family Members” category.


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