​Chapter 9.2 Contents:

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Please contact the State Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the DARS Central Office or contact the local DARS/United States Postal Service liaison.

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  1. Schedule A appointments to federal agencies (excluding the U.S. Postal Service) means the federal agency exempts a specific position from the competitive hiring process. Thus, the individual with a disability is not in hiring competition with other job applicants. 

  2. Applicants with disabilities who apply for Schedule A appointments must:

    1. Have intellectual disabilities, a severe physical disability, or a psychiatric disability;



    1. Provide proof of the disability;

    1. Meet all required qualifications for the position.

Cross Reference: For appointments to U.S. Postal Service, See Policy 1 of this chapter.

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Under Schedule A Authority, a federal agency may use the following employment options:

  1. Time limited appointment which is used by the federal agency to observe and to determine an applicant’s job readiness if not provided,

  2. Temporary appointment based on proof of disability and job readiness when the duties of the position do not require it to be filled on a permanent basis, and

  3. Permanent appointment based on proof of disability and job readiness.
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A VR counselor may provide statements, records, or letters as proof of disability for VR clients. 

Note 1: The counselor can provide one letter for the VR client to apply for multiple positions in the same job field/work environment.

Note 2: Licensed medical professionals, federal government agencies that issues or provides disability benefits, private vocational rehabilitation counselors, or other counselors that issue or provide disability benefits may also provide proof of disability for individuals who are not VR clients.

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[REVISED: 7/1/12]

To certify an individual for a Schedule A appointment, use the appropriate letter in AWARE. Note any job restrictions, job accommodations, or change in work environment needed as a reasonable accommodation. 

For confidentiality with potential employers, see Chapter 9.1, JOB PLACEMENT, Policy 1, Section A1.