This manual, reviewed at least annually and updated as needed, has been developed to provide staff a written record of the organizational and operational functioning of WWRC's Vocational Training (VT) Department and to guide its operations.  It is designed as an electronic reference, using interactive hyperlinks within and external to the Sharepoint site, and documents departmental policies, procedures, and established practices governing its business engagement and workforce-driven vision, student services and program standards.  The intent of this manual is to supplement, not to replace, the WWRC Administrative Governance Manual (AGM) and other Agency, Commonwealth of Virginia, and federal policies and regulations. 


Section 1 provides a brief overview of the department's vision, scope, and organizational structure. 


Section 2 describes student services and related policies and business processes.


Section 3 establishes program standards resulting in educational integrity and accountability, workforce-driven curriculum and instruction, personnel accountability, and documented performance measurement and continuous quality improvement.  Any differences in student learning and/or program outcomes or other factors that may justify variance across training programs are expected to be critically analyzed in consultation with the full WWRC Pegboard Team to determine known and potential "ripple effects" that may affect census, utilization, and business processes across the WWRC environment. Where feasible and appropriate, differences, if any across training programs should be reviewed in advance with DRS District Managers to ensure clarity and consistency in application.    Section 3 also documents Eligible Career Pathway Program (ECPP) status for each of WWRC's Vocational Training Program, using standardized criteria as established under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) and/or the Higher Education Act (HEA).


Section 4 provides references that supplement this Operations Manual to include internal procedures manuals, accreditation Written Plans, and a glossary of terms and abbreviations.


Designed primarily for department staff members, sections of this manual may be beneficial to WWRC Rehabilitation Team members, students/their families, referral sources and other professionals. 


I hope you will find this manual to be user-friendly and responsive to the rapidly changing society in which we live and work.  Your support of the department's efficient and effective operational functioning is most appreciated and valued.  Working together, the possibilities of a promising future are endless!


James Hall, CWDD Director                   JamesHall.jpg