​Chapter 6.04 Contents:

[REVISED: 9/15/22​]

  1. Driver Evaluation recommendation shall (per 2016 Federal Regulation 34 CFR § 361.45 (b)) be required for Modified Vehicle Driver Training service.
  2. Driver Evaluation is one of the needs assessments required (per 2016 Federal Regulation 34 CFR § 361.45 (b)) - regardless of whether the client will be the driver or passenger – to justify any Class I (non-structural) vehicle modification that the driver has not owned and used, and any Class II (structural) modification. For examples of Class I and II, see Chapter 8.21, VEHICLE, Policy 5.
  3. The counselor may include Driver Evaluation on the Trial Work Experiences Plan or Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) that includes vocational counseling and guidance and job placement services. For a public secondary (junior and senior high) school student, the counselor may include Driver Evaluation only if:
  1. it is not included in school curriculum for the student body, and

  1. the transportation is vocationally necessary and the school is not mandated to provide the transportation (such as transportation to an after school job, to a VR service, etc.).
  1. If DRS already sponsored a vehicle modification for the client, see Chapter 8.21, VEHICLE, Policy 5 for policy on when subsequent modifications and Driver Evaluations are permitted.

[REVISED: 7/1/15]

  1. All Driving Evaluations shall (per Federal Register Vol. 66, No. 11, pp  4430 – 4431 guidance on 34 CFR § 361.51 concerning standards for vendors) be performed by a driving rehabilitation specialist who is certified by ADED (which is the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists) or a certified driving instructor affiliated with an adapted driving program.  

  2. The Driving Evaluation Report shall be in writing and include:

    1. Assessment of client ability to drive an automobile or a van
    1. Approximate number of driver training sessions the driver needs
    1. Whether medical clearance is needed for DMV purposes
    1. Adaptive equipment or other vehicle modification needed, if any
    1. Less costly alternatives considered and why they were ruled out
    1. If vehicle modification is needed, a detailed preliminary modification prescription
    1. Whether a pre-bid conference is required to ensure the prescribed systems are compatible with each other, the vehicle, and the wheelchair.

  3. The driver evaluator shall provide the Driving Evaluation Report or the Driving Prescription Report (Vehicle Modification Report) to the counselor. 

  4. The counselor shall submit reports/recommendations/prescriptions written by a facility other than Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center (WWRC) to the driver evaluator at WWRC for review, comments, recommendations, and to determine if a more thorough evaluation is required. 

  5. The WWRC driver evaluator will note in the Driving Evaluation Report if a pre-bid conference is required to ensure the prescribed systems are compatible with each other, the vehicle, and the wheelchair. 

  6. The counselor shall review the Report(s) with the client. To proceed with Vehicle Modification Assessment, see Chapter 6.05, VEHICLE MOD ASSESSMENT, Policy 1).