The Vocational Training Department follows WWRC Inclement Weather protocols, with the noted exception for ETO/SIP/community-based training students*.  Student workforce training services may be interrupted, shortened, modified, and/or cancelled for any part of a given instructional day, in accordance with governance protocols.  Staff members are expected to monitor the WWRC alert system, website, and/or Inclement Weather Line and to respond accordingly. 


*Exception for ETO/SIP/Community-Based Training Students

If WWRC is closed or calls a late opening due to inclement weather, transportation will be cancelled for students participating in a community-based internship or training program off campus.  Students are expected to notify their internship/training supervisor of their absence.    


If WWRC is operating on a normal business schedule, but there is imminent or predicted danger of inclement weather, the Transportation Supervisor/Fleet Manager and the WWRC Deputy Director will make the decision to transport or not to transport any student to a given site, based on road conditions and other safety considerations.