The Vocational Training Department routinely uses employment outcome data to track the success of students trained and to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of its training programs.  The collection of employment outcome metrics and applied methodologies vary based on the requesting regulatory or accreditation body.   The WWRC Lead Program Evaluation Analyst is accountable for systemic data extraction and analysis and works collaboratively with the Vocational Training Department Accreditation and Licensure Specialist/Designee, as needed.      


The Vocational Training Department administration and instructional staff receive quarterly reports, as part of WWRC's Performance Management System.   Data is shared by program/course offering, and at an aggregate departmental level.  Trending outcome data is shared with Occupational Advisory Committees to identify areas for curricular enhancements and relevance to job requirements.   The assigned Accreditation & Licensure Specialist/Designee is accountable for preparation and dissemination of timely and accurate written follow-up reports.    Graduate employment outcome data is also reported at organization and Agency levels to measure success against targeted performance metrics.