WWRC's website serves as WWRC's official school catalog/publication, as defined by the Council on Occupational Education (2020 COE Handbook of Accreditation, page 84).   Publication components required by both organizations are identified below with links to the relevant WWRC webpage, as applicable.  
 General Requirements 


1.       Institutional mission 

2.       School Contact Information - includes the following:

    • Street/mailing address and telephone number
    • Campus map and driving directions
    • Tour request information

3.       School/Academic Calendar (home page calendar)

    •  For more detail - About WWRC > Forms and Files (Hover over About WWRC link on blue side bar and select Vocational Training Services/Vocational Training Services Calendar)

4.       Admission requirements and procedures - includes information about the following: 

    • Periods of Enrollment
    • WWRC Service Listing/Fee Schedule (revised 7/1/2017)
    • WWRC Vocational Training Fees for Books, Tools, Uniforms, and Instructional Fees (revised 8/2018)
    • Admissions Denial Appeals Process

5.       Vocational Training Policies - includes policies on the following:

    • Policy on the transfer of students between programs within the institution
    • Policy on second program enrollments
    • Policy on program extensions
    • Policy on the transfer of students from other institutions

N/A – see standard admission requirements and procedures - There is no direct transfer of students from other institutions

    • Policy on the transfer of credits that includes a statement of the criteria established by the institution regarding the transfer of credit earned at another institution

N/A – WWRC does not operate on a credit hour basis, rather operates on a clock hour basis.   However, WWRC will evaluate previous education and training, where applicable, to determine individually paced vocational training program status, as assessed through regularly scheduled progress reviews (every 6 weeks).

  •   Policy on Attendance and Leave
  •   Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress
  •   Policy on Program Withdrawal
  •   Student Grievance Procedures

6.    Faculty (full-time and part-time listed separately) with degrees held and the conferring institution

7.    Description of institutional facilities readily available for educational use

8.    Rules and Regulations for Conduct


9.      Institution's student grievance procedure which includes the Commission's mailing address, telephone number, and website address







Program Specific Requirements

  • Business 
  • Information Technology
  • External Training Option
  • Manufacturing Technology Training 
  • Materials Handling 
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Food Service/Culinary Skills
  • Health Occupations

 2. National and/or state legal requirements for eligibility for licensure or entry into an occupation or profession for which education and training are offered

The WWRC Certified Nurse Aide Training Program is the only currently offered training program currently that requires licensure for entry level employment.   Licensure is governed by the Virginia Board of Nursing


3.  Any unique requirements for career paths or for employment and advancement opportunities in the profession or occupation described

Unique requirements, if any, would be mentioned in completion requirements by training program (see #1 above)


4.   Avocational programs/courses that are neither accredited by the Council, nor qualify students to receive Title IV financial aid (such as stand-alone ESL programs)



 5.   Eligible Career Pathway Program Status