WWRC's Vocational Training Department uses outcome and satisfaction data to routinely evaluate the viability of training programs offered and for continuous program and process improvement, in accordance with direction, guidance, protocols, and policy directives contained within the WWRC Administrative Governance Manual (AGM).  


In order to maintain accreditation through the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education, WWRC is required to meet specified benchmarks for completion, placement, and licensure (CPL) through verifiable and accurate data reporting; any training program that does not meet these benchmarks is triggered for corrective action which may include program modification and/or program discontinuation.  WWRC applies COE-defined "teach-out" procedures for training programs that are to be discontinued.   


Click HERE to access the Vocational Training Department's COE SharePoint site which is maintained as an ongoing self-study process and includes WWRC's performance as a COE-accredited institution. 



3.4.1     Student Satisfaction Metrics and Use

3.4.2     Employer Satisfaction Metrics and Use

3.4.3     Employment Outcome Metrics and Use

3.4.4     COE Guidance: Suggestions for Improving Student Achievement