3.1       Educational and Workplace Integrity and Accountability

3.1.1     State Operated Education Program Status

3.1.2     Postsecondary Accreditation

3.1.3     Eligible Career Pathway Program Status

3.2        Curriculum and Instruction

        3.2.1      Employer Engagement: Curriculum Development, Monitoring, and Evaluation

            • Occupational Advisory Committees
            • DARS (DRS/WWRC) Business Development Team
            • Industry Visits and Job Shadows

3.2.2      Establishing Classroom Ratios and Monitoring Census & Utilization

3.2.3      Classroom Organization and Management

3.2.4      Section 3.2.4 (Student Behavioral Expectations)

3.2.5      Use of Curriculum Projects

3.2.6      Education & Workforce Support Services

3.2.7      Curriculum Driven Community Projects 

3.2.8      WWRC (CWDD) Virtual Services Offerings 

3.3       Human Resources – Personnel Accountability

3.3.1     Staff Qualifications

    • Education, Experience, and VDOE Licensure
    • Employee Work Profile (EWP) Expectations
    • Professional Development and VDOE Licensure Renewal

3.3.2     Employee Orientation and Staff Absences: Standards and Expectations

3.3.3     Professional Ethics and Conduct (Staff Professional Appearance)

3.3.4     Performance Management: Classroom Observations & Performance Reviews

3.3.5     Documentation Standards and Expectations

3.3.6     Employment Separation Celebration Options (CWDD)

3.3.7     Bridges Procedures 

3.4       Program Outcomes & Continuous Quality Improvement

3.4.1     Student Satisfaction Metrics and Use

3.4.2     Employer Satisfaction Metrics and Use

3.4.3     Employment Outcome Metrics and Use

3.4.4     COE Guidance: Suggestions for Improving Student Achievement

3.4.5     Assessment Reports, Progress Reports, and Completion Reports